Full Classes

Full Classes

Elite Endurance Barre as taught in person. You will need light weights 2-3 lbs, chair and mat

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Full Classes
  • NEW! Full Class #5

    Join us for a full class, full body workout. Light weights optional.

  • Live class #4

    Full Elite Endurance barre class, light weights optional. Grab your spot in the back and join us for a full body workout!

  • Live Class #3

    Join us for a full 50 min class or take apart in sections of cardio, barre, arms, core and glutes! Light weights and a yoga block optional.

  • Live Class #2

    Use the yoga block in the cardio section for added balance and core strength. Green bands are used for thigh work at the end!

  • NEW! Live Class #1

    Come in and join me for an in-studio class. This is a full class with my weekly clients and all you need is mat and light weights! Filmed at 19 weeks pregnant

  • Elite Endurance Barre Full Class #1

    This is Elite Endurance Barre in its entirety the way Monica Flores teaches a full class in person. The non-stop movement and smooth transitions work your body the entire 40 minutes. Consistency creates long lean muscles, arm, leg and back strength and a solid core with improved posture resulti...

  • Elite Endurance Full Class 2

    This full class incorporates a green resistance band in a center barre sequence. No band? No problem! Work on balance and stability! You may do this class with a chair for support if need at first.

  • Elite Endurance Full Class #3

    This full class uses the green loop band for additional upper body work! Do the whole class or break it up and apply your favorite class segments.