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Body Focused Videos

Need to workout but short on time? Enjoy quickie workouts ranging from 8- 20 minutes. Some focus on just one body part while other "combo" videos are 2 or more! These are also great to add to your outdoor workouts or sport!

20-55 Minute Full Workouts

Complete workouts of 40-55 minutes!

30 Minute Workouts!

Never skip a workout! A full body workout condensed into 30 minutes!

Live Zooms

Want to workout with me in real time? Join us for a live zoom workout!

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  • Stretch Pack

    6 videos

    A pack of videos just to work on flexibility! Stretching IS a workout and so important to stay injury free!

  • 3 “Just Mat” Workouts

    3 videos

    Some days we just want to be on our mat! Challenge your entire body strength and flexibility with a fun mat flow!

  • Three 30 Minute Workouts

    3 videos

    Only 30 minutes for a complete full body workout! Always created for small spaces and minimal equipment. A towel is my favorite!

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