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Titles Available for Purchase

  • 5 Day Core Challenge

    5 videos  |   Buy $20

    Do all 5 back-to back or commit to a week! Commit to a challenge that works not only your core but your whole body! Core strength is essential for good form in all of your workouts! These videos are the building blocks that take you into the entire library! Enjoy!

  • Stretch Pack
    4 videos  |   Buy $20

    Stretch Pack

    4 videos  |   Buy $20

    A pack of videos just to work on flexibility! Stretching IS a workout and so important to stay injury free!

  • 3 “Just Mat” Workouts

    4 videos  |   Buy $20

    Some days we just want to be on our mat! Challenge your entire body strength and flexibility with a fun mat flow!

  • Three 30 Minute Workouts

    3 videos  |   Buy $20

    Only 30 minutes for a complete full body workout! Always created for small spaces and minimal equipment. A towel is my favorite!