Lower Body

Lower Body

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Lower Body
  • NEW! Lower Body Kneeling

    Work your legs and balance with this kneeling combo! Single side jumps get your glutes fired up before you hit the floor. Filmed at 14 weeks pregnant.

  • Lower Body Side Kicks

    This video starts by working the outer thighs in an elevated position. Continue on to working the back of the legs for a complete lower body workout!

  • Lower Body/ Feet on Yoga Block

    Take the burn to another level with this lower body sequence with your feet on a yoga block. May be done without!

    Filmed in first trimester of pregnancy

  • Lower Body with Yoga Block

    This sequence works the outer thighs and glutes using the yoga block for added stability work. Can be done with or without the block!

  • Lower Body Outer Thighs

    Work the hips and outer thighs with this combo that starts seated and progresses to a kneeling position. Rotate this video with a all 4 kneeling video for amazing lower body results!

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body #1

    This Elite Endurance Barre segment will work your lower body, specifically the bikini line and sculpt/lift your gluts and legs. Keep your head in alignment and soften your arms. Watch this video once before doing it to note the arm and leg positioning and how it transitions.

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body Lunge/Inner Thighs

    This Elite Endurance Barre segment is great for cardio and increased balance. Notice the form. Standing tall and lifting out of your waist is important to get the best out of the standing exercises here. Also notice in the bridge pose that you are in full relevé, until the final rep where you...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body Green Band

    You will need a workout band for this exercise, but it can be done without one. The band adds resistance. Once you have mastered the other moves of Elite Endurance Barre, this is a sequence to push your endurance and increase the difficulty. This can be done as a workout wrap-up in connection w...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body #2

    Balance, Balance, Balance. You will need a strong core to complete this segment. Even long-time students of Monica's have to focus completely when doing this sequence. Elite Endurance Barre promotes caloric burn and even toning and this hits both in 10 minutes.