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  • NEW! Knees In (Shorter Sequence)

    Need a great core workout in a little less time? This is it! Start this sequence sitting up for your lower abs and work into full core exercises on your back.

  • Core With Planks

  • Elite Endurance Barre Core #1

    Everyone needs a strong core. Doing this Elite Endurance Barre sequence daily will not only work your core, but your entire body and get your heart racing for great conditioning. Don't have a treadmill or really enjoy that 15 minutes of cardio you've been told to do? Do this instead!

  • Elite Endurance Barre Core with Ball

    This Elite Endurance Barre Sequence can be done with or without a ball. The ball adds a level of difficulty and toning, but is not necessary. This core set can be switched out with the others to end your workout differently. Make sure to pay attention to form here. The better the form the mor...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Core with Gliders

    For this Elite Endurance Barre Sequence you will need a set of Gliders. If you do not have Gliders you can do the segment without them, it is just a little harder to move your legs. This is a wonderful full-body toning with emphasis on your core, stretching and strengthening of your feet. The ...