3 “Just Mat” Workouts

3 “Just Mat” Workouts

Some days we just want to be on our mat! Challenge your entire body strength and flexibility with a fun mat flow!

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3 “Just Mat” Workouts
  • NEW! 30 Minute Mat Flow Workout

    Optional Light weights and soft yoga block are all that I use for this full body mat workout. Some days we just want to be on the mat! Feel your entire body work in only 30 min!

  • 30 Minute Full Body Pilates Mix

    No Cardio, this 30 minute mat workout stretches, sculpts and you will feel the burn with pilates inspired moves. Light weights are added for arms and finish with a fun "lunge/all 4" butt combo!

  • NEW! 27 Minute Workout with Optional Ball and Weights!

    Equipment is optional for this 27 minute video. Start with a stretch, move to a short cardio combo with upper body... finish with abs and seat!