Stretch Pack

Stretch Pack

A pack of videos just to work on flexibility! Stretching IS a workout and so important to stay injury free!

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Stretch Pack
  • NO Equipment INTERMEDIATE Stretch w/ Upper and Lower Body Toning

    25 minutes of stretching mixed with upper body and lower body toning. Never underestimate how sore you can be from good push ups and all 4 combo! Great when you want a workout strictly on the mat! No cardio.

  • Elite Endurance Barre Stretch

    This segment is a great stretch sequence to do every day even if you do not do any other segments. Stretching should be done standing and on the floor to get the most out of it and to gauge progress. In Elite Endurance Barre vitality is a large part of stretching and there should always be ener...

  • NEW! 20 Minute Floor Stretch

    Do 10 minutes or the full 20! Treat your body to a stretch to keep our bodies moving properly! I have amped up the stretching in classes this week, due to a lot of tight hips! If you don't have a little partner, do the back bends with Sophia:)

  • 12 minute Standing Stretch

    A short and sweet, 12 minute stretch series on your feet. I had requests for kid stretching videos, so I decided to have my daughter Sophia join me! Adults stay injury free by doing this 1-2x week and little dancer/athletes move closer to their flexibility goals!

  • NO Equipment BEGINNER Stretch with Upper Body and Core Work

    Not just for beginners! Lengthen your muscles while incorporating upper body and core. People do not usually take a lot of time to stretch so met me take you through this 25 minute sequence!

  • NEW! 30 Minute Mat Flow Workout

    Optional Light weights and soft yoga block are all that I use for this full body mat workout. Some days we just want to be on the mat! Feel your entire body work in only 30 min!