Four 10 Minute Workouts

Four 10 Minute Workouts

Short and effective! One lower body, upper body, core and barre video.
Perfect for when you are short on time but need your workout!

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Four 10 Minute Workouts
  • NEW! 10 Minute Core with a Ball

    Full core! Lower abs! Use a ball or pillow for this 10 minute combo! No ball? No problem! You can do this video without.
    To purchase your ball click HERE:

  • "Barre with a View" Added Weights and Upper Body Series.

    Optional Water bottles or Weights? Either will work fo this 15 minute barre series with added arms. I work your core, balance, glutes and back with a light weight. Love how you look from behind!
    We then move on to a full upper body and outer thigh series, then repeat left side. Full body sequence!

  • New! Lower Body with Inner Thigh Focus

    Yoga block or pillow is optional in this 15 minute lower body sequence! Go around your hips starting with inner thighs moving into glutes. Hips get stronger with knee on the yoga block.

  • NEW! Outdoor Upper Body Series with Balance

    I use your whole body in this 9 minute upper body focused video.
    Add upper body work with side lunges and balance work for a fun total body series!