Workout 3

Just Press Play! Focus on balance and core strength in this sequence of videos, while still elevating that heart rate in the cardio section! Guaranteed to fire up every muscle in your body!

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  • Elite Endurance Barre Warm Up

  • Elite Endurance Barre Cardio with Block

    This segment can be done on or off a Yoga Block. The Yoga Block adds to the level of difficulty. Balance is key here. The more you do this Elite Endurance Barre Sequence the better you will be at mastering the moves. And as always endurance and cardio are a large part of this segment. One of ...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Jump Sequence #1

    Get your heart rate up and work your entire body with this Elite Endurance Barre jump sequence #1. Form is important so make sure to point your toes and land softly to protect your knees and work your entire leg. Jumps are particularly good for working inner and outer thigh, calves and feet. F...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Arms Punch Cross

  • Elite Endurance Barre Core with Gliders

    For this Elite Endurance Barre Sequence you will need a set of Gliders. If you do not have Gliders you can do the segment without them, it is just a little harder to move your legs. This is a wonderful full-body toning with emphasis on your core, stretching and strengthening of your feet. The ...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body #1

    This Elite Endurance Barre segment will work your lower body, specifically the bikini line and sculpt/lift your gluts and legs. Keep your head in alignment and soften your arms. Watch this video once before doing it to note the arm and leg positioning and how it transitions.