Workout 2

Workout 2

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Workout 2
  • Elite Endurance Barre Cardio Heel/Toe

    Elite Endurance Barre, full-body, 10-Minute Cardio. You should stretch everyday. And also not neglect your feet. Foot strength will serve you well in your highest heels and for overall health. This segment also works dance sequence coordination, core, legs and increased heart rate (for enduran...

  • Elite Endurance Barre #2

    No Barre needed - if you have a sturdy chair you can use that for balance. Make sure to watch form and constantly be growing taller for this Elite Endurance Barre Sequence. There are high relevé and flat transitions to work your whole body. It may take a few times to truly master this segment....

  • Elite Endurance Barre Arms Flat Back

    Long and lean arms do not come from lifting heavy weights. They are chiseled through Elite Endurance Barre, full-body movements, with light weights using your core, legs and balance. If you cannot complete this video with 2 or 3 pound weights do the full sequence without weight and work your wa...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body #2

    Balance, Balance, Balance. You will need a strong core to complete this segment. Even long-time students of Monica's have to focus completely when doing this sequence. Elite Endurance Barre promotes caloric burn and even toning and this hits both in 10 minutes.