Workout 1

Workout 1

Just press Play! Videos set for consecutive playback. Workout #1 is focused on added cardio for weight loss.

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Workout 1
  • Elite Endurance Barre Cardio Knee-Up Side

    This cardio dance sequence is what makes Elite Endurance Barre an intense, full-conditioning workout. Coordination, form and level of exertion are key to this sequence. Do this regularly to master the moves and to see how your progress in your transformation.

  • Elite Endurance Barre #3

    No Barre needed - if you have a sturdy chair you can use that for balance. Make sure to watch form and constantly be growing taller for this Elite Endurance Barre Sequence. There are high relevé and flat transitions to work your whole body. It may take a few times to truly master this segment....

  • Elite Endurance Barre Cardio Curtsey Side-Kick

    If this Elite Endurance Sequence does not have you a bit winded by the end, you are doing it wrong. Make sure to punch with rotation and resistance, balance in high relevé and lengthen your whole body. The curtsey is a powerful move for cardio and toning, keeping at tempo in this segment will ...

  • Elite Endurance Barre Core #1

    Everyone needs a strong core. Doing this Elite Endurance Barre sequence daily will not only work your core, but your entire body and get your heart racing for great conditioning. Don't have a treadmill or really enjoy that 15 minutes of cardio you've been told to do? Do this instead!

  • Elite Endurance Barre Stretch

    This segment is a great stretch sequence to do every day even if you do not do any other segments. Stretching should be done standing and on the floor to get the most out of it and to gauge progress. In Elite Endurance Barre vitality is a large part of stretching and there should always be ener...