Package #3 of 5 Full Classes!

Package #3 of 5 Full Classes!

Recorded while zooming live. Get the feel of an in person Elite Endurance Barre Class! Once purchased you will always have access! All classes are 55-60 minutes, full body and equipment is ALWAYS optional.

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Package #3 of 5 Full Classes!

5 Videos

  • ZOOM Class #12

    Title is wrong! The classes are flying by! Always full body, always fun, equipment always optional! Light weights used for cardio and green loop band for arms and glutes. Alternate opinions given!

  • ZOOM Class #13

    Your class, you choose! Optional yoga block, hand weights and ankle weights. People without equipment addressed equally!

  • ZOOM #16

    NO weights for cardio, optional orange tube or hand weights for upper body! Short intro attached to explain why there are two videos in this workout!
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  • Zoom #15

    High kicks and booty burn! Optional light weights for cardio!

  • ZOOM #17

    Optional Light Weights for Cardio!