Package #1 of 5 Full Classes!

Package #1 of 5 Full Classes!

Recorded while zooming live. Get the feel of an in person Elite Endurance Barre Class! Once purchased you will always have access!

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Package #1 of 5 Full Classes!

5 Videos

  • ZOOM Class #2

    OPTIONAL light weights used in the cardio sequence. Full body, end on all 4

  • Zoom Classs #3

    OPTIONAL ball or small pillow gets you going in this fun body workout!

  • Zoom class #4

    Optional Light Weights for cardio and upper body. End class with outer thighs to all 4's!

  • ZOOM Class #5

    Optional Light weights for cardio and upper body!


    Optional towel for cardio and light weights for upper body is all you need for this full body workout!