NEW! Jennifer's Mix

Jennifer is a long-time client who loves this cardio punch/cross sequence and always requests outer/inner thigh work! Hope you like it and let me know what your favorite videos are!

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  • Warm Up (Short)

  • NEW! Elite Endurance Barre Cardio Punch Cross

  • Elite Endurance Barre Outer Thighs

    Outer Thighs are hard to reach. Not through Elite Endurance Barre. And you don't even need a barre. You can balance or if needed use a chair at home or in your hotel room. Make sure to be in the highest relevé your body is capable of, the more you do this segment, the higher your relevé will ...

  • Arms Sitting

    Sitting while doing upper body changes everything! We use our legs a LOT when we stand! Sitting make you engage your core and back even more! Sit up tall and enjoy!

  • Core With Planks

  • Elite Endurance Barre Lower Body Lunge/Inner Thighs

    This Elite Endurance Barre segment is great for cardio and increased balance. Notice the form. Standing tall and lifting out of your waist is important to get the best out of the standing exercises here. Also notice in the bridge pose that you are in full relevé, until the final rep where you...

  • Stretch (short)