Express Workouts

Express Workouts

Short on time? Get all you need ....

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Express Workouts
  • NEW! 30 Minute Express 2

    Work your entire body in this 30 minute head to toe routine! Great the you are on the go! Light weights used but the workout can be done without.

  • NEW! Elite Endurance Barre/Arm Combo

    Combine a barre combo with arms and you get a challenging workout in only 20 minutes!

  • Elite Endurance Arm/Ab Combo

    Work your upper and lower body together with this short but challenging combo. Start with planks, then move on to a seated arm/ab combination. You will need light weights and a ball or pillow.

  • Elite Endurance Barre 30-Minute Express

    Elite Endurance Barre is a full-body, cardio barre class with fast-paced technique. If you only have 1/2 an hour you can get the benefit of Monica's technique in this 30 minute version created for clients on the go.